Best Chef knife in the World

 Do you know there are almost 1500 different types of Japanese chef knives in the market? It is obviously you don’t aware of it a might be you are hearing for the first time and it is a very tough job to select the best one for you. Because any cook understands it’s essential to have a set of top chef knives. But if you want a large variety of foods to be finely cut and diced, you require those professional cooks ‘ knives.

There’s plenty of different kinds of knives to choose between, however, that can end up making its process of selecting rather tricky. The best cook’s truth comes in diverse shapes, designs and sizes

So, it’s very important to clear it out as we are going to make a list best chef knife in the world.

  1. Zwilling professional S chef’s knife 8- inchImage result for Zwilling professional S chef’s knife 8- inch

The first thing you want to do is continually refine your blade. Although the polishing of a kitchen knife becomes relatively fast and simple, it has to be done right. So, the thing is that if you are not careful then you could be a chip or dent the edge of your knife with incorrect sharping.

  1. Messermeister Meridian Elite Stealth Chefs Knife, 10-Inch

Unless you have little hands, you’re likely to find that the standard knife is a little too big and too thick. It will make it pretty hard to get the leverage you like when you’re hacking and digging. With its smaller and lightweight style, this might well be the perfect chef knife for people that have tiny hands.

  1. Messermeister Olive Elite Chefs Knife (9-inch)Image result for Messermeister Olive Elite Chefs Knife (9-inch)

Because of its strong and elegant handle of olive wood, this style really catches the eye. Messermeister Oliva Elite Chef Blade(9-inch) is sure to watch great in any parent’s house or competent dining room. I reality, it could be the best cooking knife for people that support the original style.

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